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 ESL Jobs in Provinces
ESL jobs in Shanghai
ESL Jobs in Shanghai
Good benefit is waiting for u to teach English in China ( Beijing Sh anghai Shenzhen)
Flourish International Culture--2014-4-28 16:06:24
13000--16000 rmb FOR A NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHERS ( USA or Canada teachers no more than 35 years old )I
Flourish International Culture--2014-4-28 16:03:56
Teaching Jobs in China
Gold Star TEFL Recruitment--2014-4-15 16:52:46
Teaching in Shanghai, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu… More Contacted Soon
ESL JOB--2014-1-20 15:20:18
(2000-2400USD/M)Primary/High school English/History teachers for a school in Shanghai city,China(Feb
Jiamei Education--2014-1-14 12:12:50
Teaching in Many Cities of China for Feb or March in 2014
ESL JOB--2014-1-12 9:58:53
ESL teacher for primary/high school in shanghai-(2000-2400dollars with flights,appartment),major in
mary--2014-1-10 12:40:30
(2000-2400USD/M)Primary/High school English/History teacher for a school in Shanghai city,China(Feb.
Jiamei Education--2014-1-9 16:40:43
Top Outstanding Teaching Positions in Shanghai, Beijing, Shijiazhuang,Jiangsu…
ESL JOB--2014-1-6 18:44:34
ESL teacher for primary/high school in shanghai-(2000-2400dollars with flights,appartment),major in
mary--2013-12-26 10:22:29
ESL teacher for primary/high school in shanghai-(2000-2400dollars with flights,appartment),major in
mary--2013-12-25 11:26:01
Where Are you Going to Teach- Many Teaching Positions in China for You
ESL JOB--2013-12-22 17:26:32
Kindergarten English teacher,free room and board,Visa provided,in a beautiful city of central China
Company name: Talkeasy Cultural Exchange & Planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.--2013-12-19 11:20:23
Top Teaching Positions in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei…
ESL JOB--2013-12-17 14:56:58
Well paid kindergarten English teacher wanted in Xuhui area
Talkeasy Cultural Exchange & Planning (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.--2013-12-17 13:56:52
Native English teacher position in Taiyuan Hefei ( very ugently no degree necessary)
Flourish International Culture--2013-12-12 14:13:28
Teaching in Hebei,Henan, Shanxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu…
ESL JOB--2013-11-30 20:34:47
ESL teacher in shanghai-(2000-2400dollars with flights,appartment)
mary--2013-11-22 16:01:28
Teaching in China Soon or Next Year 2014
ESL JOB--2013-11-14 20:40:36
Urgent Teaching Position in Shanghai- Salary RMB9000-RMB10000
ESL JOB--2013-11-6 18:28:09
Top Teaching Positions in China- Joining Now or Next Year-SalaryRMB8000-10000
ESL JOB--2013-11-4 21:29:54
Several Native English Teachers Wanted Across China
Training School--2013-10-14 16:19:25
Teaching Children or Adults in Big Cities of China - SalaryRMB8000-10000-Start Soon
ESL JOB--2013-10-10 16:59:34
Corporate Trainers Needed in Shanghai
Oxford Centeriver--2013-9-25 9:50:51
Part Time French Trainers Needed in Shanghai
Oxford Centeriver--2013-9-22 10:24:43
(2000~2400USD/m)English teacher,Visual Arts teacher,Music teacher for a school in Shanghai,China
Jiamei Education--2013-9-6 10:25:53
Primary School in Shanghai is Looking For Native English Speakers ASAP!
Liangban ESL Recruitment Agency--2013-9-2 17:41:19
Teaching in Modern Cities of China- Salary RMB8000-RMB10000
Teaching language--2013-8-28 10:26:16
ESL JOB--2013-8-26 17:46:08
Foreign Teacher Recruitment
ESL JOB--2013-8-22 18:00:57
Kids Teacher wanted in Shanghai with Great pay!
LinguaTutor Agency--2013-8-20 15:16:32
Teaching Children in China- SalaryRMB9000-RMB10000
ESL JOB--2013-8-20 10:08:56
ESL Jobs in Shanghai, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Taizhou…SalaryRMB8000-RMB10000
ESL JOB--2013-8-17 17:43:36
Female Native English Speaking Teacher Wanted (Shanghai, South Huangpi Rd)
Shanghai LinguaTutor Agency--2013-8-16 17:58:37
American Teacher wanted in Hongkou District (Youdianxincun station, line 10)
LinguaTutor Agency--2013-8-15 16:16:12
Teaching in Shanghai, Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Taizhou…SalaryRMB8000-RMB10000
ESL JOB--2013-8-15 10:52:47
Teaching in Vocational School in Shanghai- SalaryRMB8000-RMB10000
ESL JOB--2013-8-13 14:16:59
One Hundred Updated New Teaching Positions in All of China- More Contacted
ESL JOB--2013-8-10 18:15:02
Excellent Teaching Positions in China- Salary RMB8500-RMB10000
Teaching language--2013-7-31 9:24:25
Urgent Excellent Teaching Positions in Yangzhou, Taizhou,Shanghai…-
ESL JOB--2013-7-23 17:35:25
Excellent Teaching Positions in China- SalaryRMB7000-RMB10000
ESL JOB--2013-7-13 18:47:41
Teaching in Vocational School of Shanghai- More Contacted
ESL JOB--2013-7-5 17:42:02
University EFL Teacher
via English First Academic Partnerships--2013-7-4 16:51:09
Teaching Positions in Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Shangdong, Shenyang, Henan…
ESL JOB--2013-7-2 21:04:05
English Kindergarten Teachers (15,000RMB plus per month)
Okiki--2013-7-1 11:24:20
Teaching in University For September- Just Few Positions
ESL JOB--2013-6-19 19:08:25
2000-2400USD,Primary English,Visual Arts teaching in a school in Shanghai city,China.
Jiamei Education--2013-6-13 16:50:15
French teacher for a public college in Pudong Distirct, Shanghai city.
Jiamei Education--2013-6-4 15:39:33
Teaching in Big Cities of China- Good Conditions- More Contacted
ESL JOB--2013-5-3 21:22:28
2000-2400USD/m,English teacher for a public school in Shanghai city,China (Sept of 2013
Jiamei Education--2013-4-27 15:42:56


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